5 Simple Ways that Technology Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2016

As some time has passed since welcoming 2016, I felt it was a good time to reflect on New Year’s Resolutions.

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5 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

It is clear that in today’s complex workforce, there are many facets to ensuring your organization’s stability and long term success. One of the most expensive yet often overlooked problems is employee turnover. High employee turnover can impact a work place in multiple ways. Perhaps the most obvious is training costs, as well as the cost of recruiting and interviewing new prospective employees, but turnover also affects the existing employees by resulting in overwork to accommodate for the gap in coverage, knowledge loss and lower overall productivity.

Here are a

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INFOGRAPHIC: Workers overwhelmingly say flexible work hours would boost their loyalty

Sixty-one percent of people say working from home would help them be more productive because they wouldn’t have to deal with office politics, interruptions

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The Coming Workforce Crisis and How Companies Can Prepare

In an environment of job insecurity and market uncertainty, it’s hard to comprehend a day where North America experiences a labour shortage.

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The Lowdown on Biometrics

When I think of biometric scanning, my mind immediately goes to James Bond movies where for years, the savvy agent outsmarted scanners of various types with his repertoire of gadgets that included fake contact lenses and voice recordings. Today, biometrics are no longer limited to the realm of top secret laboratories, but becoming more common in the everyday workplace. We’ve seen increased adoption in offices, hospitals, retail and even amusement parks!

But how exactly do biometrics systems work and should we be concerned from a privacy perspective? While

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7 Key Features in Physician Scheduling Software

For physicians, scheduling is very different than it is for other occupations. Here’s something to keep in mind: Every physician is extremely busy at all times, and every second of their time is extremely valuable, both to them and to those with whom they work. With that being said, we have put together a list of seven key features that we believe every physician should keep in mind when selecting a software solution for their needs.

Furthermore, cost is likely to be a factor as well, so this naturally needs to

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Complex Scheduling Made Easy in the Cloud

Companies today often struggle to keep accurate employee records, something that is becoming even more crucial than ever in light of new legislation such as the Affordable Care Act in the US and similar programs in Canada. A common area of concern for many companies is not just effectively scheduling for employees but also making sure those employees are actually working when and where they are scheduled. Tracking employee location is a complicated process, and it can be an expensive endeavour to manage.

An Affordable Time Shift Management Solution is a

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