Time Clock

Workoptics offers a virtual or biometric time clock options, as well as can accept feeds from other devices. In each of your locations, you will have a reader connected to a web-enabled workstation. When employees arrive for a shift they will scan their finger, which relays the data to an Authentication Server for employee verification. Upon successful verification, their check-in/out is registered in Workoptics.

A virtual time clock also exists through the application and delivers the same tracking capability upon login. Using either method, there are four main options available:

  • Clocking into a shift- Clock into a shift when you first arrive to begin work
  • Pausing a shift- Used for occasions in which you are leaving your location, but have not concluded your shift (e.g. during a break, or lunch time)
  • Resuming a shift- Resume a shift once you return to your work location after a shift has been paused
  • Clocking out of a shift- Clock out at the end of your shift only when you are leaving work