Time and Attendance

Workoptics Time & Attendance is designed to answer the needs of complex, fast-moving work environments. Our system helps your organization avoid calculation and data entry errors while ensuring the proper application of company rules, agreements and policies.Workoptics saves your organization time and money by finding and correcting the errors that lead to tax penalties, grievances and litigation.

Workoptics Time & Attendance seamlessly integrates with our Advanced Scheduler. Supporting human resources across multiple locations and organizations, Workoptics ensure accurate and efficient tracking for payroll and reporting. Using your organization’s rules, schedules are converted into payroll data.

Worked and benefit hours are collected and processed by our system through a pay and schedule rules engine. Management-approved time cards are automatically produced for each employee and exported or transmitted electronically to the facility’s payroll system. Sick day and vacation accruals, overtime and other meaningful data is stored in our system and can be viewed by the appropriate staff as needed.

Highlights include:

  • Accurate and automated compilation of employee hours
  • Management approval and audit trails ensure accountability and transparency
  • Time off requests are easily submitted by employees and approved by managers
  • Map data to, or integrate with HRIS and Payroll systems