Smart Communication

Efficient communication is paramount in every organization. Workoptics enables your staff to easily connect with each other at any time, at any level. Staff members are profiled in the System Knowledge Database; allowing for tremendous flexibility when you need to reach specific groups in your workforce.

Messaging is a powerful tool that enables your organization to target its communications to specific employees, roles and groups. Workoptics mobile applications allow your communications to reach key personnel at unprecedented speed.

Locating instantly shows you who is working, in what role, at any moment – past, present and future. The information is accurate and reliable, minimizing staffing errors. The Workoptics Meeting Manager organizes this data and recommends optimal meeting times by surveying the availability of all desired attendees.

Highlights include:

  • Secure access linking multiple groups and facilities across one or more organizations
  • Effective messaging to specific segments of your employee population
  • Tools to determine who, where and when your staff are working