Today’s economy and business landscape demand integrated, agile, responsive and sustainable technology that is capable of providing continuous value. The need for situational awareness and confident decision-making requires business intelligence and predictive analytics to be employed in all areas of an organization. With the introduction of Insights, Workoptics brings a paradigm shift to cloud workforce management. It is an ambitious, highly-anticipated and sought-after platform that leverages data analytics, sentiment analysis, predictive modelling and forecasting to derive the most meaningful and measurable insights. The tool offers a unique capability of monitoring, evaluating, analyzing and ultimately
(i) augmenting various behavioural elements within workforce; or
(ii) forecasting the chance of an occurrence.

Areas of focus include

  • Attendance/Absenteeism
  • Extended leave (sickness)
  • Scheduling accuracy
  • Retention
  • Overtime pay
  • Lateness