Cloud Technology

Workoptics operates 100% in the cloud. There are no heavy server/infrastructure requirements or the need to install special software. Almost any web-enabled devices can access Workoptics. System upgrades and enhancements are done seamlessly and without any extra cost. Compared to rigid enterprise systems, Workoptics is the most efficient and cost effective solution.


When comparing Workoptics to other cloud-based applications, one key element stands out –Workoptics meets the needs of complex work environments. From schedule creation to communications, our platform offers a level of sophistication that can manage any workforce, regardless of size or complexity.


Workoptics integrates with HRIS and Payroll software, providing a seamless data stream. The Workoptics Time & Attendance module connects directly with your existing payroll systems or it can produce detailed reports, complying with payroll tracking requirements.

Smart Communications

Reaching only a specific segment of your employee population can be difficult. In complex workforce environments criteria like locations, roles, skills, full-time vs. part-time and departments create additional challenges. Workoptics makes it easy to reach the right people in the right place at the right time - while providing full transmission tracking. For time-sensitive communications, our mobile application provides unparalleled access to all of your employees.


Workoptics is certified against the SSAE 16 Type II, North America, ISO 27001, Europe and Asia, and PCI-DSS, Global, standards for information storage and retrieval. Security is built into the core of our Server Infrastructure and ensures the highest levels of reliability and performance. From an underlying Tier IV Data Centreinfrastructure and clustered compute nodes to enterprise SAN storage and industry-leading monitoring tools, Workoptics infrastructure is the business-critical application you can depend on. Workoptics takes security seriously!