Advanced Scheduler

An organization's success is directly connected to its most valuable resource, its people! Workoptics helps you build optimal schedules that consider and address the needs of complex workforce environment. Entered manually or using Workoptics'automated generator, equitable schedules are created based on organizational rules, preferences, skill requirements, employee requests and other relevant factors.

Our system includes sophisticated features for rules-based shift trading and posting. Workoptics innovative features account for conflicts, multiple locations, skillsets, seniority,and generate notifications for the appropriate personnel and management. Administrators adapt the system to meet their specific needs, access detailed and up-to-date reports, and live, historical data.

With Workoptics, every employee controls their secure account, accessed via Web browser or mobile device. Using our easy to use mobile services, Workoptics allows your employees to manage their schedules and communications from anywhere at any time. Workoptics allows your staff to navigate their schedule using a personal calendar and to see colleagues’ shifts as they become available. Our system manages time off requests and reports up-to-date information on vacations, sick days and other accruals.

Morale goes up; absenteeism and turnover goes down. With Workoptics, your organization can expect increased efficiency, productivity and cost-savings.


  • Easily configurable for all employees with unique roles and rules
  • Equitable schedules created using the automated generator
  • Using customizable rules, empower your employees to manage their time
  • Control the process, allowing managers to oversee shift trades, edits and requests from their inbox and smartphone
  • Access schedules from anywhere at any time using the web or smartphone
  • Updates and changes in real-time; live schedules that are always up-to-date