Frequently Asked Questions

quick responses to some of the more common questions receive

My company has a multitude of employees. How can I ensure Workoptics is the right solution?

The beauty of Workoptics is that it is entirely scalable. That is, we can deploy it for a segment of your staff population (e.g. a department) for you to evaluate first hand its suitability. Contact us today for more details.

How can I learn more about Workoptics?

Contact us today. We will take the time to learn about your business and discuss how Workoptics can make your organization run as effectively as possible. Or you can complete our Request Demo form.

Do you offer training?

Absolutely! Workoptics is a powerful system that can help manage an organization's workforce and every effort is made to ensure initial setup is done right. Administrators are trained and given various resources to ensure they are supported and the system is as effective as possible. For frontline staff, Workoptics is highly intuitive but it will change the way employees interact and therefore, support is provided to ensure proper communications.

What defines a complex work environment?

A complex work environment is characterized by a multitude of factors influencing the staffing process. It can have multiple shifts, various rules or regulations, different departments or locations, specialized employee roles, skills, certifications, etc. Workoptics is built to accommodate all of these considerations.

What separates Workoptics from other Cloud software?

Workoptics is not simply a scheduling program. It is software that optimizes the logistics of staff resourcing. It is a flexible platform that collects, analyzes and leverages personnel data to bring significant improvements to