Complex Scheduling Made Easy in the Cloud

Companies today often struggle to keep accurate employee records, something that is becoming even more crucial than ever in light of new legislation such as the Affordable Care Act in the US and similar programs in Canada. A common area of concern for many companies is not just effectively scheduling for employees but also making sure those employees are actually working when and where they are scheduled. Tracking employee location is a complicated process, and it can be an expensive endeavour to manage.

An Affordable Time Shift Management Solution is a company that embraces the challenges of managing personnel and tracking time through its complete time shift management solution in the cloud. Some of the key features include:

Core Cloud Scheduling software platform
Shift creation
Shift management
Calendar updates
Employee shift trading
Location tracking
Time clocking

All of this is managed in a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based application that empowers employers to assign shifts and enables employees to connect with their peers and make trades — with the added benefit of adhering to rules and capturing audit trails.

A Track Record of Success has achieved real success with its valued customers. As an example, by listening and responding to the ongoing needs in the healthcare sector, the company continues to develop innovations such as:

Locating — providing the ability to find healthcare staff within a location in real time or in the future
Q.Call — an automated call system based on employee availability that will work through the available employee list with the ability to accept or pass on that last-minute shift
Q.Clock — a mechanism for the virtual or physical check-in and check-out of employees that delivers enhanced security, accuracy, and accountability continues to be an innovative leader and remains an agile organization with a flexible solution to manage your workforce in the cloud. To learn more about workforce and time shift management in the cloud, you can sign up to receive updates on our platform, and you will be kept up to date on any new releases.